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Biogas is produced when biological waste or another waste stream is fermented or turned in bio-synthesis gas. Biogas normally contains a large amount of contaminants that need to be removed.

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Reducing carbon emissions is the common global goal which can be realized in various ways. We use patented technologies used to remove carbon dioxide from flue gases and waste streams to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

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Hydrogen is the vital link in the energy transition. Hydrogen can be used to efficiently store and transport large quantities of energy for extended periods of time. Our solutions provide generation, storage and transport of green hydrogen for zero-emission applications or indirect electrification of your process.

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In 2010, Frames Renewables delivered its first industrial green gas production plant. Ever since Frames Renewables has been continuously developing and improving our gasification processes. Our knowledge and experience in biogas production & upgrading is is strengthened by our patented technologies allowing us to deliver high quality biomethane for your applications. We provide proven solutions and processes built to match unique gas compositions and operating conditions

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Waste streams do not exist in a circular economy. With our technical and process solutions we turn waste into energy, allowing you to produce green gas which can be injected into the gasgrid.

No gas available on site to satisfy your energy needs. We provide stand alone processing equipment to generate onsite bio-gas.

Heavy transport and marine fuels are currently the source of the most carbon emissions when it comes to transport. A much more environmentally friendly choice is the use of LNG. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is already the most prevalent chosen method of reducing carbon footprint and taking the next step in the energy transition. With our capabilities we provide customers with solutions required to utilize a green version of LNG.

Our service team is at your disposal to support your needs. Installation, start-up, maintenance to full service contracts. We offer 24/7 availability of our service department


The steady increase of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in our atmosphere have lead to the crisis we are all in. Our technical solutions are based on proven technology combined with the latest innovation in the field of gas processing. Emmission control is an increasingly important dscpline that matters to every stakeholder in the economy..

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Our Carbon capture solutions are based on our own patented technology which is globally celebrated by the industry. We have standardized our systems to offer you a cost competitive solution.

Short term, local storage or large scale industrial UGS (Underground gas storage). We have the technology and in-house capabilities to solve any emmission challenge. With our renowned CO2 technology we are able to recover, store and utilize CO2 gas.

Not only is CO2 an element that needs to be contained or avoided in emissions. CO2 is an industry element often used in many applications. Onsite generation of food-grade co2 from your waste streams is not only a conscious and sustainable thing to do, most of the time the business case makes perfect sense.

Our service team is at your disposal to support your needs. Installation, start-up, maintenance to full service contracts. We offer 24/7 availability of our service department.


Hydrogen can be used in many different sectors, ranging from laboratories to transportation, from nuclear cooling to feedstock for chemical industry. Hydrogen provides a means to efficiently store large quantities of energy for extended periods of time. Furthermore, hydrogen can be transported and distributed using existing infrastructure. Highly efficient and meeting the international (safety) standards, the Frames Electrolyzer System delivers a robust, cost-effective, and turn-key solution to generate hydrogen from electricity and water for any environment, onhore and offshore

Our Products

Our standard and modularized systems offer you a wide range of possibilities. Turn-key and plug & play solutions with all utilities integrated in a single containerized unit. Our systems utilize the latest trends in digitalization allowing for optimum control where required. Because of our longterm expertise in servicing and maintenance we have optimized our design for low operational cost while remaining fully competitive on capital expenditure.

Buffers & Compression

At Frames we pride ourselves for our ability to provide total solutions for our customers. That is the reason that our green hydrogen production systems can always be delivered including compression and storage. We work closely with the very best manufacturers of hydrogen compressors and storage modules and have developed our own knowledge and expertise for optimum sizing and selection.


We are proud to have partnered with Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies for the detailed engineering and realization of the LOHC storage facilities. LOHC technology allows large scale hydrogen storage, transport and distribution in a safe and practical fashion.

Our knowledge and know-how on process systems and mechanical modules has helped Hydrogenious to develop a cutting-edge, cost competitive process solution for their hydrogen technology

Fleet Owner Station

Refueling stations

Frames Renewables has capabiliy to realize zero-emission solutions for your mobility fleet. Consult our offices for information and options.

Our service team is at your disposal to support your needs. Installation, start-up, maintenance to full service contracts. We offer 24/7 availability of our service department.


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