Frames Renewables completes Hydrogen refueling station infrastructure for Green Planet (NL)

Frames Renewables has completed the installation of the infrastructure for the Hydrogen refueling station at Green Planet, Pesse (NL). Also, additional services such as strength and leaktesting, pre-commissioning and purging and drying has been performed to full satisfaction of our customer and the inspecting authorities. Frames Renewables is renowned for the design and delivery of […]

Flue gas condenser passes EBI inspection

This month the steam-boiler with flue gas condenser supplied by Frames at one of our valued customers passed the EBI (“Eerste Bijzondere Inspectie”). This is a mandatory inspection that checks whether the installation complies with the design and the applicable standards and regulations. Recovered heat The Frames flue gas condenser (FGC) is integrated with a […]

Frames Group B.V. acquires stake in Twinning Energy B.V.

Frames Group B.V. and Twinning Energy B.V. have entered into a close cooperation to offer hydrogen mobility solutions including local, green hydrogen generation options. The cooperation has been formalized by the acquisition of a 50% ownership stake by Frames Group in Twinning Energy.  The transition from fossil fuels to green energy is increasing momentum, with hydrogen […]

Frames delivers 25kW Hydrogen Electrolyzer for Plug Power

Key building block in electricity distribution from renewable energy Marking the sale of another commercial electrolyzer,  we have supplied a 25kW hydrogen electrolyzer to Plug Power, a leading provider of clean hydrogen and zero-emission fuel cell solutions. Working in collaboration with Plug Power, the Frames Electrolyzer design has been integrated into the 25kW GenFuel electrolyzer […]

Frames Hydrogen Recovery System for MOL Danube Refinery

We are proud to announce that we are awarded a contract to supply a hydrogen recovery and purification system for the MOL Danube Refinery at Százhalombatta near Budapest. The purification system will recover hydrogen from vent recycled gas, improving the overall efficiency of the refinery’s hydrogen recovery and reducing operation costs.   MOL Group is committed to making efficiency improvements […]

Kick‐off for designing a gigawatt electrolysis plant

In order to provide the Dutch industry with sustainable hydrogen much needs to be done. Sustainable hydrogen can be generated by means of water electrolysis, utilizing electricity from wind and sun. Bringing that to an industrial level requires a thousandfold scale‐up of existing technology. This is in fact the aim of the ‘Gigawatt Electrolysis Factory’ […]