Frames Renewables; the best of both worlds. We are a manufacturer and supplier of renewable energy systems with the flexibility and innovativity of a start-up and the professionalism and reliability of a renowned industrial supplier.

Specialized in design and turnkey supply of installations for carbon capture, green gas generation and hydrogen applications for industry, horti- and agriculture and mobility.

At Frames Renewables, we work closely together with our clients to put the unique power of our knowledge, skills and dedication into action in order to offer the best possible solutions.

Frames was founded in 1984. For 35 years we have built a reputation of quality and reliable systems to serve the international oil & gas industry. Driven by our ambition for sustainability, Frames Renewables was founded in 2010.

Our Drive is based on two things. first of all we feel the responsibility to put our know-how to work to create a cleaner and better world of tomorrow. We know, this sounds fluffy, but at Frames Renewables we don’t stop at bold statements and bullshit claims. We develop and deliver solutions that help you reduce co2 footprint, turn waste into value or switch to sustainable applications.

The second thing that drives Frames Renewables is our relentless drive to solve problems. With our technical background we accept any challenge and what better way to do this then together with customers on reallife problems.

We collaborate with clients around the world to provide tailor made or standardized plug-and-play products.

The modular approach to our designs allow us to scale-up the installation to increase production or conform to stricter norms in the future.


Nick ten Asbroek

Biogas / carbon capture

Jordi Zonneveld


Our innovation is driven by curiosity and creativity. I love to see ideas and concepts transition to reallife solutions

Laurens Terraneo


Flexibility and sustainability in our energy infrastructure is a must-have in the energy transition. Hydrogen is the element that can offer both!

Copy of andre at frames

Andre van Berkel

Biogas / Carbon Capture

I firmly believe environmental sustainability should go hand-in-hand with economical sustainability. That’s the only way good intentions get translated into real world solutions.

Suerd Polderdijk


Materializing the energy transition requires a combination of innovation, creativity and a rock solid track record in delivering projects. Thát is what Frames Renewables offers

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